Troop 10 Boy Scout Annual Wreath Sale


Wreaths are made in Colorado from local, soft, fragrant pines-
then decorated by the Troop 10 Scouts with a red bow, hearty
pine cones  and Juniper sprigs.

Thank you- for visiting this website to support
Estes Park Boy Scouts of Troop 10.

We conduct an annual wreath sale that provides funding for our Scouts to attend camp, earn awards and participate in a program that has helped build strong young men that have become
local & national leaders for a hundred years.

In Estes Park, it is common that a Boy Scout will complete the Scouting program having earned the Eagle rank, thanks to tireless volunteer leaders and a supportive community.

In past years, we have and will continue to sell wreaths door-to-door, to friends and family, and at select locations in the community. If you would like to purchase a wreath, contact any Troop 10 Scout, or you may place your order on this website with your credit card through our secure PayPal server. Your credit card information will never be seen by anyone from Troop 10  and is not retained, and you do not need a PayPal account to purchase online.

In all, it will take about 3-4 minutes of your time to enter your
info and order a wreath (or two).

First wreath order was due
Nov 14th for delivery on Nov 20th.

Second wreath order is due
Nov 28th by 5pm, with delivery on Dec 3rd.

*Order Below*

 Ordering instructions:

Step #1:
Complete the information form with the delivery info, then
click SUBMIT to send that information to us. Then,

Step #2:
Select the quantity and size of wreaths, your credit card info, and your order will be complete. One of the Scouts will confirm your order in the next 24 hours or so.

On your delivery or pick up date we will contact you by phone to confirm the details and get you your fresh cut wreath!

DELIVERY IS FREE, but not guaranteed. We will Do Our Best to deliver your wreath, but if for reasons beyond our control we can not deliver the wreath/s, we will contact the recipient to notify them that the wreath needs to be picked up.

Our delivery area is within 4 driving miles of Town Hall in Estes Park, Co. All other wreaths need to be picked up in Estes Park. We will contact you by phone with pick up information after your order.

Questions? Please call Mark 970-232-8116.

Step #1: Delivery Info

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Click SUBMIT before proceeding to Step #2 below the red line.

Step #2: Wreath quantity & payment

Large wreath is 30"
Small wreath is 20"

Both sizes decorated the same

Your credit card statement will show: PAYPAL*SIGNSLIFE with the amount that you spend. Thanks to our Dad's company for providing this service via PayPal.

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Additional Wreath Sale Information  (970) 232-8116